Solar panel 6V 2W 330mA Mini Placa Módulo Solar Batería Cargador Celular Arduino


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6 V 2 W Panel Solar de 300 mA. Arduino Raspberry Cellular Charger This panel is Made of epoxy Plastic tan Won ‘t deja restos. its Very durable and Great for Small Hobby/Electronics projects. Specifications Type: policrys – Line Silicon Max working Voltage: 6 V Max current: 0.33 A Open circuit Voltage: 7 V máx Power: 2 W Tamaño: 136 x 110 x 3 mm Weight: 90 g Voltage: 6 V Max current: 600 mA Watts: 3.5 Tip: remove Protective Cling Film from Panel before use. use WD40 to give the Panel a Gleaming Finish. This Module is Specific for 3.7 V 18650 batteries (móvil, bateries, etc) you can Connect en Paralel several Modules to Achieve 7 W (with Two Modules.), 10,5 W (Three Modules), etc., or en Serial 12 V (with Two Modules) This Table shows the Relationship between Battery and sistema Panel Solar: DC Battery Storage 1.2 V – — Panel Solar 2 V ~ 2.5 V DC Battery 2.4 V – — Panel Solar 3.5 V ~ 4 V DC Battery Storage 3.6 V – — Panel Solar 5 V ~ 6 V DC Battery Storage 6 V – — Panel Solar 7.5 V ~ 9 V DC Battery Storage 12 V – — Panel Solar 15 V ~ 18 V it ‘s is a great Piece for DIY Kits. applications Small projects. Science projects. Electronic applications. Small Battery Charging. Build Your Own Self de Powered models.